Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zander Patrick is a super hero.

Zander is what we named our son. The name is taken from Alexander, which means defender of the people. I wanted something strong, something that gave me hope for our future. It needed to be different, but not too different. It is very hard to name a boy, I think. You can't go too crazy, but you don't want him to be a Jim, John or Joe either (no offense). When I saw the name Zander, 3 days before he was born, I instantly knew that was his name. After about 6 months of seriously searching and feeling almost helpless in finding a name that struck either of us.

So, here he is. Zander Patrick. He was born September 7th. The delivery was insanely fast - from the time on my phone that I had called the midwife to tell her we were on our way to the time he was actually born was 40 minutes. I had been in labor all day, but was sent home from the hospital because no one was sure that it was real labor, so in a sense it was never treated like it was. In hindsight that is the only thing that bums me out. I know it may sound crazy, but I really wanted to enjoy the experience. To really put to use all the things I have learned in my Doula training. Instead it ended up going down in record time. I still essentially did it my way. No drugs and I ended up having him on all fours. It was a pretty great labor, and things couldn't have turned out better. My 8#13oz. boy was healthy and beautiful. He latched on right away (before they weighed him or anything) and has been a dream as far as breastfeeding goes. I've had little to no discomfort this time around.

All in all, I am a very happy woman. I am blessed with a beautiful family and I am also feeling my mojo coming back around. I've been more motivated and inspired than I have been in a very long time. I am starting on exciting new adventures and hoping to expand my business and begin working as a Doula as well. Things are fantastic!!

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