Saturday, November 14, 2009

Buddy Blankets and the Best Model EVER.

Aren't I a lucky mommy to have made such a cute model? I'm having so much fun taking pictures of the little Z man with our stuff - and I'm also having fun making it!

Cassie and I have a goal this weekend to get as many Buddy Blankets as we can made and ready to be put on Etsy. I'm personally extremely excited about the Buddy Blankets because I think that they are so damn cute and because Z genuinely seems to love his. I can picture him carrying around his Buddy Blanket everywhere and it possibly one day being a hard thing to let go of. I think it's good for kids to have a security item and the idea of making something that can be that meaningful to another child's life is truly touching. I'm eager to make them and perfect my approach to marketing them along with the Nursing Clips. It's a fun journey though, and the journey is the best part. :)

We went to an event called "The Breast Sublime" last night and it was a fun experience. The nursing clips didn't sell but I got my name out there. My theory is that this sort of event, which featured art, photography, dance and even cake inspired by breasts and breastfeeding attracted the more feminist type of women who are proud strong breastfeeders. I don't think many of them were interested in the idea of covering up. As a matter of fact one woman read an essay all about not covering up which made me kind of uncomfortable for being there trying to sell stuff specifically designed to cover up. Honestly, I didn't make Nursing Clips so that other people would be comfortable - I made them so that even modest moms could have something to make them comfortable enough to feed thier babies wherever they needed to. I know women who have quit nursing early because they were not comfortable enough to nurse when needed. I feel like there is no reason a woman should have to cover up - but there is also no reason that she can't choose to use a cover. The point is, she's breastfeeding. I don't care what she's got to do to be comfortable enough to do that. Honestly, I hardly ever use mine because I rarely feel like I need to cover up. But I did see a need and I'm proud to be making them.

I heard that some of the ladies there recognized the clips from Hop Scotch - a local children's store. I thought that was encouraging! I should stop in there and see how they are doing. Maybe bring in a couple of Buddy Blankets to show her too...

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