Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a winner. Things are gonna change I can feel it.

That's right! Ever since I started entering blog giveaways - which was about 3 weeks ago - I have actually been winning! This is a miracle of sorts because I simply don't win anything. Seriously.

Check it out...

LL Bean Raincoat (143.00 value <- and that's the SALE price!)

Organic Baby Shampoo & Wash, Organic Baby Bubble Bath and Organic Baby Lotion ($24.00 value)

Pettiskirt ($75.00)

Happy Baby Foods (no idea how much it is worth - but a lot I'm sure...espeically with the cans of formula!)

Pop A Tot ($50.00 value)

Cute Baby Shoes ($30.00 Value)

Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bra ($50.00 value)

That's $372 worth of stuff - not even counting the baby food!

Hopefully this is the signal on my life path that my luck is changing!!! :)

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