Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Have Gone Decoupage Crazy!

From gift and baby boxes to jewelry boxes galore - I've gone decoupaging crazy. I was asked recently to make a memory box for a baby boy, and it has inspired me beyond what I ever thought it might.

I have even stepped away from my life online a bit because I've been so caught up in creativity. I've got ideas flying through my mind all the time and sitting down and making a vision become reality brings out so much from seep within. It's kind of hard to keep up with myself. Unemployment changes the whole game, and even though I never considered this a hobby and always wanted to create full time, it still changes your whole approach to what you do. Hopefully, regardless of the economy, I can still manage to find people who value handmade goods and love to support people rather than corporations so that Gypsy Jewels might survive. Truly, creativity is all I've got left. It's the only time I feel in control and at ease - like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. So, it HAS to be right. I'm willing to start slowly because I know what hard work and persistence will get anyone in the long run.

I'm enjoying the extra time I have now each day to hone my craft(s). I've gotten pretty good at getting my seams as perfect as possible, and I am pretty proud of how professional everything is turning out. These boxes could easily rival anything found in stores and I take a lot of pride in that. The quality of my work is often what keeps my Gypsy Jewels customers coming back, and even though I know eventually everything can break or wear - I feel absolutely terrible if anything I made does. That is why I'm forever telling my customers that if anything does happen they can send it back and I'll fix it no problem. This is another one of those things that helps build confidence for my customers - and that makes me feel great!

The baby boy box is my favorite. There is an adorable baby girl one too (available in my shop), and usually I'm a bit partial to girls - but, this box is sooo cute! I just can't help but love it to pieces.
The Gypsy Woman jewelry box is another truly fun, beautiful and PRACTICAL box. I'm currently trying to keep myself from using it because I know I'll get attached. This one is truly my style. I did a little painting on the front which is something I really want to start doing more often, but that definitely makes this box a little more special to me. Plus the LID! When I shop for boxes, I always pay attention to the lids and how easy or hard it is to open or close them. This box is exactly what I look for, which is loose enough to open easily and without much effort - but tight enough to catch if just flipped over or something. I think I spent a good 10 minutes just opening and closing the lid. I'm kind of ODC - things have to be perfect - so when it is, it's sooo pleasing! :O)

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