Sunday, November 9, 2008

I need some advice

I want some opinions on something I've been throwing around in my head for a little while now - I'm debating on changing the name of my business from Gypsy Jewels, which it has been for years - to Willow Moonspirit. Here's why...

When I started my ETSY shop, I was not aware (like a lot of people aren't) that the user name you chose for yourself would also be the name of your shop in your URL. Well, I, personally have always identified myself as Willow Moonspirit online, so that is what I chose for my ETSY user name. It is the name of my spirit, and I have never EVER heard it anywhere else. Where as, I HAVE found other businesses (that sell similar stuff) that are also called Gypsy Jewels.

So, there lies my dilemma. While I would have to change other things that have the Gypsy Jewels name tied to it already (such as this blog), I would be able to keep my shop on ETSY as it is now (I even already made a Willow Moonspirit banner for the shop) instead of making a new ETSY shop with the Gypsy Jewels name and leaving behind my history and feedback. The only reason I am hesitant is because I believe I have built a name for myself under Gypsy Jewels for so long. But, I'm also encouraged because it's almost like it signifies a new start and I will be free to completely reinvent myself - which is exciting and inspiring.

I would love any thoughts on this...

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