Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gypsy Jewels and Arbonne Party!

The first offical Gypsy Jewels party was hosted by Shawna and Leticia, and we had a wonderful turn out! What a great way to kick off this new chapter for Gypsy Jewels!!

Sylvia Longcore from Arbonne was there doing amazing makeovers and being that helpful ball of light she always is! These products are truly wonderful and it's great to see products that aren't only bent on being beautiful, but being safe for us AND our environment!

The Raffle for our Grand Prize was a smashing success! For $5.00 people were given the chance to buy a raffle ticket for a drawing at the end of the night to win a beautiful pearl necklace and bracelet as well as a very nice Arbonne spa package! I almost wanted to buy a ticket myself! Carrie Karston was our lucky winner, which I felt was karmically owed to her after having her spinach artichoke dip locked in her van and unable to enter it into our recepie contest.

The recepie contest was many people's favorite feature. The ladies who attended this party more than rose to the challenge! We had the BEST food and plenty of it. From Tuscan dip, Chicken and rice and crab stuffed mushrooms, which Shawna made and took the prize for best appetizer to "Better Then Sex" cake, cookies, fruit punch cake and the prize winner - Banana Bread. MMmmmmmm. This is definetly a feature I will be holding onto in my future Gypsy Jewels parties!

Overall, I think everone left having had a great time, which is ALWAYS good. :O)

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