Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gypsy Jewels has a new model and has reached 100 sales!!

Gypsy Jewels would like to introduce Cassie! My new official Gypsy Jewels model. That's right, folks! No more hassle with self portraits - not when I've got a beautiful girl like her more than willing to have some fun and let me take pictures of her!
We are also celebrating our 100th sale today!! Winter Solstice I hit 100, and I think that is pretty rad! This is a perfect milestone to hit right before we really overhaul Gypsy Jewels and start taking things a little more seriously. Better pictures, better beads, trying to incorporate more sterling silver without having to increase my prices (fingers crossed), and most of all - aggressively seeking avenues toward opening my own coffee shop / art studio. These are my New Years Resolutions. What are yours?

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