Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Dec. 3

I guess I'm motivated, even if I don't feel very good. Today I finished three projects that I'm really happy with! Three decoupaged items, kind of a strange mix, but, whatever. I'm a weirdo and I'm OK with that. But, I bet you'll rarely find pot boxes next to baby boxes anywhere else! :O)

I have opened a new shop on Etsy called "The Smoking Section" and it is going to contain all of my marijuana themed items. I think that ending prohibition is an absolute priority. I think it is wrong to turn good citizens into criminals for something that is completely harmless - especially when you consider the amount of Rx meds, cigarettes and alcohol that are killing people on a daily basis. Even if marijuana WAS harmful (which I do not believe that it is - I believe that smoking it can be harmful, but that is because of the fire - not the marijuana. There are HEALTHY ways of ingesting marijuana.) it should still be legal because we are grown and this is a "free" country. We should be allowed the right to choose a SAFER buzz. This shop will be my outlets for expressing that, and I'm eager to get things in there! I already even have my first order.

Check it out...stuff will be going in pretty regularly - at least weekly.

This next item isn't exactly a box, it's BETTER! I did an exceptional job on this one and loved the way my vision for it was complete!! The paper is really hard to get around the hardware one the front of the drawers but damn I did good! I really REALLY like this one, and the drawers pull out smoothly - which is what I'm always going for.

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