Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gypsy Juliea's Natural Beauty Secret - Anti- Cellulite

Did you know that jojoba oil is the closest to our own skin's compound - therefore it penetrates deeper than any other carrier oil? It's true. That makes jojoba oil the best oil to use in this following anti-cellulite regime.

Anti-cellulite treatment:
Take the warm grounds from your morning coffee and put them in a bowl. Grab a carrier oil (jojoba is best, but you can use other oil's such as almond or grape-seed) and bring everything to the shower with you. When in the shower, put some of the ground in your palm and put some carrier oil on top of it (you don't need much - there should be more grounds than oil). Rub your hands together slightly to mix the grounds and oil and then rub vigorously into thighs, belly and anywhere else you may have a problem with cellulite. Circular motions work best.

When you are done, rinse off and rinse the grounds down the drain (it does not harm your pipes - it's actually GOOD for them!).The bottom of your tub may be a little slippery from the oil, so be careful!This is also a great thing to do after shaving - it leaves your skin the softest and smoothest it's ever been. I PROMISE.

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